Welcome to my Chevy site, Here is some pictures of my car (Dream).

In Norway, we have plenty of taxes that are trying to ruin the chances to own a american car. The fuel cost about 9 nkr per liter or 34$ for 1 gallon(US) (3,785 liters)

That is NOT nice when you have a chevy with an 350 with about 350 HK.

The model I have is an -79 Berlinetta i belive, but i'm trying to convert it to an RS modell. and i have started..

I have started with my engine, that is not a 350 anymore.. Hehe....
I have tuned it up a little.. to 355 cid, with hi comp. TRW pistons(??), 285 degree competition cam (Edelbrock), and all parts are brand new.
I have som pictures from the operation, Take a look, It was done in 1,5 week,
I have som technical info about my engine here!.

Tires and wheels? yes.. offcourse i have...
In front, i have 215/60-15, on 8x15 Centerline Back, i have 265/50-15, on 10x15 Centerline

If you want to send me information, or tips or anything, then mail me now!

I have some pictures of a drag racer with plenty of power Take a look at it.
And here i have some pictures of my second dream car: Dodge Viper.

Here are some words about what i want todo!
What have i done lately?
Technical stuff about my engine!
Here is some words about my Car Stereo!.
BoomCar A/S, I will send a great thanx to Boomcar for profesional help with my car stereo, and excelent service.
Here are pictures of other cars that i have found on the net., take a look
Div. pictures

Here you can sell or buy cars in Norway:
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